Dear lovers

As always, in my humble, lowly, unknowledgeable opinion, this is how I interpret the touch of love making.

The morals of a person, how they respect authority, their bosses, government officials, and even airport security and rent-a-cops; how they regard old people and children; and especially how they see themselves and create relationships with all these things and the world around them overshadows the very being and touch. This is a person’s aura. This energy flows through touch and is essential when making love. It cannot be taught or changed by another person because these internal values of who you are, that is YOUR CHOICE (to a degree).

When people connect it is because these auras and energies feel a bonding attraction, or sometimes a high energy repulsion that cause that whole confusing “opposites attract” situation. When the energies are drawn together the very touch is melding, dare I say electrifying. Each of us can touch the other without thought or remediation as to how the other will react or what they will want, because we simple feel them and in doing so they absorb us and feel us and sex becomes so many more sensations than we ever dreamed that we never want to go back to anything so drab as someone who has to ask, “Do you like this? Can I do this?”  Maybe being PC killed spontaneity but it can’t take the passion or the soul out of serious love making.


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