Transgender Brain

I love my female body. I think this is why I am bisexual. My body is soft and curvy. My body can bleed profusely and work hard; kick ass giving birth to beautiful big babies that grew in this marvelous vessel through glorious means, and orgasm like a mother fucker a dozen different ways, just saying. My body is 99% fertility love goddess and I adore it. (We’ll just ignore that pesky 1% that a little waxing and plucking takes care of!)

MY BRAIN, we already know is confused as fuck, but let’s focus on why I think I have such a masculine brain.

I am notably analytical, I want to pick things apart to the tiniest detail to see how they work and how to fix them–sadly, due to boredom, those things are usually emotions and people that I am picking apart, (I am sorry, if you don’t  like it stay away from me) but anything I can learn to due, that challenges my brain and skills and makes me feel better for figuring it out: I want to do that!!

I think I see sex and people that way. Each person is an emotional, sexual puzzle. Oh, look, that person is attracted to me. Now, what are they attracted to about me? Body? Brain? Energy? Can I take that one thing they are attracted to and nurture and grow it until that attraction spreads to being attracted not just to my body but to my energy and (HA! FAT CHANCE) my brain…

Please, don’t get me wrong, I am not TRYING to play with people’s emotions! I get just as much if not more emotionally involved myself, evening knowing, no one should be saddled to me, not even my poor husband, but here we have THE THING (family, history, dreams) that is just nearly impossible to kill even if part of me despises the cage-like & appearance and feel of it.

But the STEREOTYPE is that this is how most men’s brains work: get the chick to worship you, fuck the chick. If the fuck is good, romantic even if that is your thing, or whatever your style, kink or flavor is, then keep discovering the things about her that will make her keep worshipping you and the fucking can continue (and maybe even produce babies♡ a sign to me that energies came together at the most opportune Cosmic Time, The Divine’s time to creat new energy). (No! That is not romantic at all 😛 )

Sometimes our energies stay together growing off each other creating more energy…for a long time…but energy is not meant to be kept in a battery. If left tied up in a battery for too long batteries leak, or explode or just slowly die. 

Energy was spoken from God to glow in the cosmos, to dance as the stars, to blow in wind among the trees. God breathed the Qi into our cells from Adam to each spark of conception thereafter. God’s breathe connects us and flows through us and jumps and grows or dies with every interaction between we corporeal beings.

How does sex pull on that energy…may puzzle to play with…


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