Energy & Big Brother

Hippies have been saying it for years. New Agers, Eastern Religion, even Christianity “Anything you ask for in My name you shall receive” (John14:13) /in His name/ being LOVE.  Send out good intentions, ask in LOVE, and wonderful things will come back to you. Karma: put good out there and good comes back, put bad out there and bad comes back. When I am feeling the energy, allowing myself to be a part of the collective mind, the energy flows positive and negative vibes to and from my being. I believe this can be as simple as wanting to hear a song on the radio and that song “randomly” playing~ or at least music that really fits my mood. Other thoughts I think come to fruition as well due to the communication of energy. Be at peace and wishes WILL be granted. When your not at peace, you simply seperate yourself from that divine power so that law of attraction is disconnected.

So how does Big Brother and Google and listening cell phones and empending EMT correlate with this high level of communication?  Because it IS ALL ENERGY. My phone, the internet or web is energy, an expansion of my consciousness and the more I tap into it the more it (and “Big Brother”) taps into my thoughts and feelings and all my energy. So why should WE be afraid of anything OUT THERE, when what we need to be afraid of is the thoughts and energy IN HERE. What are we harboring and releasing from our inner beings and the energy we hold and nurture in ourselves? As for me and my house may I serve only Love.


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