When I was pregnant with my third son I had the most intense nightmare of my life…it was about my first born growing up to do something that appeared horrific.  I have prayed against this dream deep in my soul ever since. How could I ever bare to see my baby be evil? No. It won’t  happen.

A part of my head wonders, how many mothers alive, to Death Row  inmates, wondered the same thing?

Tonight, I was given a word as this vision from long ago passed again inside my mind. Before I could bind it away my son instantly became HONORED in black robe and “Judgement!” boomed from the sky…

Suddenly I know that my son will not be evil, but fight for good, no DECLARE goodness in this land. God has blessed him. I bless him in every way I can.

Now why had I seen this nightmare so horrible before and now I see it a new way? I hear a voice telling ME (not all of Dreamland), “THAT WAS YOUR BELIEF that JUDGEMENT was EVIL.”
Wow. Yeah I do, but still we all judge, constantly, style critics, news commentators, religions, politics, cultures and sub-cultures. We have to judge “good vs.evil” to keep ourselves SAFE and our kids SAFE, and our country SAFE, because we are RULED BY FEAR.

Fear is not good, duh, fear is evil and evil is fear. (Live by the sword die by the sword. Evil begats evil. Living in fear, creates more fear: in everything -everyONE around us.) SO WHAT ARE WE AFRAID OF??

Please stop fearing each other. Live in hope that if you are kind, kindness wil be returned, and ALWAYS return a kindness.

It’s  that easy. I hear the “what-if’s???” out there, STOP. Do not focus on evil. The old will pass away and a new creature will be born! Feed the good or we all die.


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