Tonight is an amazing night. Incredibly beautiful and freeing in equally negative and positive ways.

I AM AN OFFICIAL UNICORN (as per the definition being a woman who partakes in three-somes  to fulfill the fantasy of a couple with no attatchments). She was beautiful; he was beautiful. I could feel their energies being meshed as one he please her and then I did. I could see it for what it was and felt little to no affects from the cannabis and alcohol we had partaken. I enjoyed touching licking kissing every part of their bodies while knowing I was privileged to be a part of their loving energy. They don’t want children and that makes me very very sad, as they would make such beautiful children, and parents. I wish them the very best.

The counterpart to that joy is staying at my recently belated grandmother’s. The woman I admired the most, and certainly love the person I loved and trusted the most, is gone.  This is unfathomable to my psyche. Who in this world is there to love me? There is not a soul left for me to trust or take comfort in. No one really wants all of me. Why why did God make me to feel such joy and such pain that I wish my very flesh would rip in half to be set free???


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