There has to be something said about being trashed like a teenager in your forties… It is fucking awesome!!!!

Fucking like a teenager (with a hell-of-a-lot more experience) dealing with your bodies decline like a fucking trooper,(this shit don’t hurt it’s my muscles begging for MORE!) And deeply accepting the fact that you my dear, are fucked-up.

You have been through a crap load of experiences and they never stop, these learning milestones; if you don’t let them!
Why would you let them??
Why would you want to go through such experiences, such “drama”?? Such pain..šŸ˜”
To settle, to find contentment.
CONTENTMENT!?!?! To be content is to DIE!!! WHY WOULD I WANT TO DIE???
Death, in contentment?
Of course!! If one is content how shall they grow?? How shall they learn of the compassion and love that runs so deep between all humans and angels and aliens and creations of the Divine?  To stop growing and be content is to become ignorant and undesirable, to grow o l d. No one wants to grow old, grow up, yes, grow old, no.
For everyone wondering what makes a cougar a cougar, it is the desire for youth, vitality agelessness! We are ON FIRE WITH LIFE!!! And we don’t understand why so many people aren’t.

For those wondering what makes a unicorn a unicorn, it is the fire and passion for all creation human, angel, beast and nature! So much love and beauty pours forth from the Divine in all that we are! Every molocule and element uniguely combine to make us individuals beyond the concepts of mere physics into what we claim is magical! Feel it deep, and deeply feel truth in love.


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