Whoa….it hit…gradually I guess as I wrote two previous blogs the last two days and now my brain won’t fucking stop! What do I do when like this? I dance, and sing, to just about anything…I just went from loop the Detroit Cobras “Baby” album to Ghostrider by Jimmy Dean? Can’t remember now…
My brain is going from explaining the mysteries of the universe to being in love to being a writer, a massage therapist, a mom, a balanced soul with untold wisdom…no, I don’t set my goals high.  No wonder I get so depressed and feel trapped instead of just being…being happy with all the amazing things in my life!! But why do I see myself as a bad person? The things society, culture, whatever says are wrong (cannabis, nudity, multiple lovers -including hubby, sexuality…sigh) these are the things that make me feel closer to God and peace and so so full of love for even the evil in this world, because Christ told us to love our enemies!  So why the fuck do assholes want to steal my fucking sunshine!? Let me be free…please.


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