Dear Sinead O’Connor

I don’t know your story. I can’t afford all your albums. I only keep up slightly on the news I hear about you. I watch YouTube, and listen to you on other apps. I have loved you since I was a teen. Something about your emotion, your song choices, arrangements and poetry speaks deeply to me. I need you. I need to know someone so successful, can be true to herself, can fight for HER BELIEFS! even when the world is so ignorant and misunderstands the importance of songs which so clearly show the truth and the struggle we all face seeking it.
Please be safe, in your mind! Be confident, you are not alone- so many of us do understand! Don’t give up! Be strong, or ask for help. You are so important to the positive direction people need to learn and follow! Please be assured you are deeply and intimately loved.

Much love,


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