How Women Lost Their Advantage

Woman was once the charge of man. From the time a female was born, her father was responsible for her financial and emotional well being, to the point of needing a good dowry to have a good husband.  If the family could afford an allowance after a daughter was wed off, the she could provide “for herself” through her father’s provision. 

Morals and economics changed; Fathers rarely provide for daughters beyond marriage. Until recent decades however, the husband provided for the wife, she worked, as a hobby almost, but financially her job was not meant to be relevant to the overall family well-being. If the couple divorced, the woman was provided for by her husband, she got the house and alimony until she remarried.

Women are strong, we can work as hard as men at most tasks, better at some. We are, most importantly, worthy of being cared for. They have not found a way yet to procreate the species, without the womb of a woman.
Political feminism has devalued women far more than any religion. Women themselves have taken away the honor and care men once gave us. Not all men, not all women, life is not black and white.

There are men who are still gallant, who still wish to honor women as equals but also child-givers who should be taken care of — not ruled over. There are women who wish to honor those gallant men who can provide and wish to provide and protect a wife and children — without ruling them. How do some cultures develop one norm while others are completely different. How are times changing?

I see three basic relatability standards. (Yes I may make-up words from time to time to try and explain what I am seeing in people across the world.) Who do you relate to?

A). Men and women who are unequivocally “equal” & independent. Women can become men and vice versa, chemically adjusting their bodies to become as strong as a man or as soft as a woman. Birth gender is unimportant to a person’s drive and stamina to do or be anything or anyone. The bottom line is to stand alone against the world spirituall and financially, with companions who are also solely responsible to themselves (and off spring of their choosing, but really why burden oneself?).

B). Men and women are inherently different, and bound together.  Birth gender determines the hormones and balance a person should seek in their life. Some women will be burly and strong, some men will be effeminate and weak, but a man is a man and a woman is a woman and they are meant to rely on each other, monogamous unions protect both. They use their individual strengths and weaknesses (as they are suited) to guard each other and offspring against all intrusion.

C). Every person is unique. Spiritual beings in which gender is irrelevant but not self determined. A man is a man, but he can be masculine &/ effeminate and love any who enable balance and growth. A woman is a woman, and she can love any (male or female) & bare children with any she sees suitable.  Humans relying on each other for love, and support, while finding balance and love in who an individual honestly is, not determined to make one person more than any other.

Logic dictates the children should stay with the birth giver until the nursing is complete.  YES nursing, breastfeeding, nothing is better than natural biology and a women should be assisted, supported, and trained if necessary to breast feed for at least the first year, if she cannot physically, biologically, nurse her child wet nursing should be instated and the substitute live with mother and child or vise versa. If the mother is a surrogate, she should stay with the adoptive family as a nursemaid.

In reality, children make family, when adults wish to share children, they should understand they will forever be family. A woman can never forget giving birth and will always have that child in her heart, carrying a child in the womb goes beyond biology to spiritual energy connection. That energy can be corrupted over time, if we don’t allow growth, honesty, and love to rule, but why would we want that with anyone we have loved enough to allow in our hearts? This confuses me tho I live it and see it daily.

Have I made any point here, or have I just gotten these thoughts out of my head? People are the same and uniquely different. Every child should be loved beyond reason and allowed to learn and grow in who they are. Biological, and physical mutilation, is not truly coming to terms with your natural self. Love who you are, love those who love you. Encourage each other to be honest in all areas of life. If you don’t like something about yourself, find out why, to the depths, not superficially “I hate being a mother, I will run away.”; there are underlying reasons, childhood experiences, expectations, confinement, LACK OF BALANCE in your life. Find balance, find the good for every bad and the lessons to be learned in every trial,  grow beyond the bullshit life tries to drowned us in.


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