I love music like beyond reason. I think I remember why. My grandfather died when I was four. All he ever watched was the news. That’s all I can remember being on. I can remember the fights the family had and lots of good and bad from before grandpa died. I was debated when he was gone. But music came on. It seemed like my grandma got to BLOOM after this toxic relationship finally died away. To wait so long in her life to do what she needed and wanted…she pulled out or bought a record player, a nice one for the 70’s. And she listened to the Oakridge Boys, Statler Brothers and Kenny Rodgers. Almost exclusively hymns otherwise. I am pretty sure she even had Jim Neighbors! 
Music was comforting. Music made life happy because it made the people around me happy. I love music, of all kinds. As I mature I really listen to the poetry and thought artists put into their music. Good music shows the artist’s soul, what a gift to bare your soul to the world. HERE I AM, TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT. …and aren’t we all grateful to find other Pepe willing to stand up and say “wow, I hear you! I feel you, I feel that too!”


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