Is it Weak to Need Someone?

​The way I need you

To love you

To feel you are a friend

A lover

A beacon of light and hope 

Drawing me through the storm 
Sometimes I can barely feel you

in the darkness

The mists of the storm

The dark shadows of clouds

Engulfing me 

I cling to the ship

My soul

My life

Thinking somehow

If I hold tight enough

I can keep the ship afloat

I can guide her to safety

If I just focus 

On what may be an illusion

That faint light 

Far in the distance

Glowing through the mist

But the light 
The light is the danger…

Aiming at the light brings me to the rocks

Where do I go?!

What do I do?!

I know not what port I am in

I know not where safety awaits

This ship gives a sense of security

Do I jump ship and swim to shore

Will I become new in the salt water

Maybe I am not the ship…

I falsely cling to the crashing ship

Thinking it will save me

But it will take me down

Drown me in sorrows and pain

I have wings

I was meant to fly above the storms

But this ship has trapped me

Kept me sea bound

For far too long
I must swim through the rocks 

Go beneath the water 

while the storm passes

When I get to land

I will dry 

Unvail what I was always meant to be


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