You only live once…how does that sit with you?

Does that mean, “live life to the fullest”? Take risks! Leave life to chance! No regrets? 

When I look at some of my “riskiest” behavier, the things I have gotten in trouble for (tho not too much), the things I am most admonished for…well those are some of the greatest memories! Giving birth is of course my best memorable achievements- all 8 births imprinted on my soul in details that can take my body and brain right back to that time…wonderful, painful, so many amazing sensatiins the body works through…I would still love to become a midwife and yet I dont feel the tenacity to really tell women THIS IS WHAT YOU ARR MADE TO DO! RELISH IT!  I feel so lost and yet odd for loving birthing so much….anyways all my sexual adventures pale in comparison but they are still memories that make me look back and enjoy the life lived…so why would I want to make the rest of my life boring by not having more adventures?



  1. Mindfump · January 29, 2017

    loved this.


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