To the point

I listen to music, a lot, to keep from thinking. To keep from acting out scenarios in my head, I listen to any kind of music that grabs my attention in that moment…sometimes I brave the silence. Uhliness comes out but then I scold myself, dont complain, find joy. So it hits me, maybe again, because it seems like a well thought out epiphany (more than a fleeting momemt would offer but perhaps that is the #tbi fumbling with my memory or making it up). 

Find the joy.   Isn’t that the point I have been trying to make? 

The greatest commandment is Love. Everything we do, everything we say, every action should come out of and go into Love. Love for our fellow humans, love for the planet that supports all of life we are the most developed how-ever you view the world so we are responsible for keeping things in balance, especially among ourselves. 

SO if everything is within love what is the next big piece of life? JOY. Our goal should be to have a joyful life because Joy and Love go hand in hand. when you feel loved, it makes you happy right? And when you give love (birthday presents? Special time, doing something for someone who is incapable?) these things give most people a sense of joy, gratitude that they could be helpful. 

So lets connect the dots:  Do all things from love into love; find joy in all you do.

that sounds hard doesnt it? Find joy in all I do?  cleanning out a litter box? You are loving your cats, giving them a gift they actually appreciate and use and share affection, or rodent control, in appreciation. seems a stretch huh? Nurses, doctors, caregivers of young and old,  teachers, all these people have what are considered “thankless jobs” but as underpaid s most are, they have a job satisfaction when they see how their care and instruction is really a gift of love to those in their service.  Well, when the mechanic is fixing the doctor’s car his job is a gift to that doctor because that doctor would rather be fixing people. 

We fence ourselves in with money in exchange for all these services that in reality if each person could do what we find joy in giving to others it doesnt need to be a” job” or a drudgery, it becomes an exchange of love with the greatest payout of all- Joy!

give love create joy live happy and peaceful


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