The perfect relationship (imho) I take care of my shit, you take care of your shit and lets spend all the free time we can together sharing mutual interests. Its that simple.


Scenario:  If you did your dishes, and I did mine. Sure if I feel like making eggs and bacon for breakfast I will offer to make you some also. If you chose to accept we might possibly even eat together if we wanted to be in the same place.

 “Would you like to join me?”  would be an acceptable stance for eating together if it needed to be a discussion. after each indivdual had eaten they would wash dry and put away the plates and utensils they had used. If I were the chef I personally would want to wash my pan before eating but after if it really needed to cool ir soak. The the chef should wash what they dirty as it tends to conserve on how many empliments are used. 

Does it make sense to how much time that would save? Instead of one person doing all the cooking and cleaning for everyone, then that person has time to actually spend  with the people who SAY they want to be with you???
Why because you need a maid?


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