When the psychoanalyst asked,”what would that look like?” referring to me letting go and being myself it really helped expose my bianary thought process. Part of me is truly wild woman. I dream of the physical and mental challenges a “cave-man” would live through. [Yes, NAKED AND AFRAID” is my favorite reality show. And I dont think I have the skills but I want to learn.] 

Then there is the part of me who likes being clean, looking pretty and well basically all that hormonal reproductive shit that keeps me in society.  If I am expected to stay in society though, since I lack survival skills, I want to evolve and be that happy peaceful eclectic person who does tai-chi and eats all local organic food and sells art and writes books just for a hobby…

but I dream of killing wild animals maybe with just a rudimentary tool…I dream of a lover who pulls my hair we battle and fight  then make love like tantric experts. I am just fucking crazy.


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