Creative thoughts mixed with philosophy

So…yeah. Life is just always fucking life right? Ups downs high lows blah blah blah…what really thrills me about being alive is playing this game in my head of “How can I better myself? Or how is God using all the bullshit out side my spirit/body to refine the spirit inside my body?”

Honesty. Well, yes, for starters I AM stoned. Wonderfully relaxed and pretty much ay peace with who I am and what life is…not perfect, s l o w as fuck (but that is why my biggest lesson is patience in this life…obviously, painfully so) but I am paying Extremely close attention to life. To what I honestly want to create in the world around me. My job and how it relates to society (even tho it feels like such a distant almost impossible dream sometimes I tell myself not to be negative and to just keep having faith my business will come together and become a legacy –is that…egotisical? I want a legacy but only in as much as I hope to leave a positive change in the world when I leave…but that does feel like seeking reward in this world and not BEING PATIENT for God’s reward.)

So anyways…I am trying and taking opportunities to find out the truth of who God created in me. Not a persona I think I need to keep up but just as genuine projectiin of my inner soul to the world around me.


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