Firsts, my answers for

Question 1: Describe the first time you experienced an orgasm with another person? (could be any kind of contact not necessarily intercourse)

He was my lover, an ongoing affair that brought me to my senses and out of abuse. He laid me down caressed my body from head to toe with his large hands being so light on my skin. He opened my legs brushed the length of my vulva and the slowly ran his tongue over every inch. So slowly. So lightly. Time was forgotten, I don’t know how long, not long, he caressed my labia with his tongue, inside, outside, up and down. When his tongue finally let his mouth settle over my clit the orgasm was soft and strong all at once, amazing. It totally side blinded me because I don’t have clitoral orgasms with people.

Question 2: Describe the time you first saw someone’s private parts? (in a romantic/sexual context)

I was molested at three. It wasn’t “tragic”. New daddy was kind and cuddled me a lot, I just refused to put where he peed from in my mouth😂😂 things change.

During grade 1 – 3, the little boy down the block and I would play mailman, doctor, and mommy/daddy. It was cute.

Mom showed me Playgirl (as art, who’s more handsome) and friends showed me other porn mags around that time.

I can’t remember when my infatuation with penis truly took hold, but I could look at and play with them for hours no matter the unique shape and size.

Question 3: What would you watch first if you were given a magic video library that included videos of every sexual encounter of every living adult on earth? (who, what, where, when, who with, etc.)

😂🤣 What a funny question! I think I would like to watch my parents when they conceived me. Yes, I would want to make a study of correlations between life experience and conception, starting with each member of my family.

Question 4: First sexual word/phrase that enters your mind in response to the following prompts:

    • Big: ? Dick
    • Hot: ? Pussy
    • Tempting: ? Perversion
    • People might think I’m a perv if they knew: ? I don’t know why they think that😂🤣😝
    • I wish I could: ? Have as much sex as I want.

Question 5: What is the first thing you would say if your significant other sat you down and asked if one of their friends could join you both for a three way? Yes! …. Wait who?

Hope you enjoyed my answers guess I am gonna be jumping the order now😝


  1. Duncan Lory · June 21

    OMG, you’d watch your parents?

    These answers were great, unexpected and tragic – adding link to all time top list here:

    Liked by 1 person

    • NobodyknowsMom · June 22

      My parents were 26 when I was conceived. Gorgeous hippies in love. I don’t think I’d have a problem watching them. I don’t think it would turn me on, or scar me.
      What else was unexpected? And what seems tragic?


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