Kinks & Fetishes


My answers to

Question 1: Have you tried BDSM? How hard core did you get with it? Thoughts?

I played with it during my marriage, my ex was very Dominant. I have talked about it with friends (more experienced than me) but we have not had a chance to play together, hoping our time is coming soon. I am naturally submissive but am trying to embrace and express my very repressed dominant side. I like some sado-mascocism just because I like passion in its most primal form, which can get a bit rough.

Question 2: Have you tried a poly relationship or swinging? Would you like to? Thoughts?

I have always believed in poly. I frequently had/have more than one bf at time, (aside from the 20 years of monogamy). I like to think of it like one for each of my extremes, be sweet with this one and snarky with that one, guys don’t like how moody women are so women just need a different guy for every mood. WOW I just said that …okay moving on….swinging? Maybe, with the right people, hard to say…

Question 3: Have you been to an adult, clothing optional resort like Hedonism II? Would you like to? Would you go if your spouse wanted to?

I like to go to our quiet local hot spring which is clothing optional. Heaven on Earth. I would like to go to other nudist venues.

Question 4: Have you tried public or group nudity? (Nudist Colony? Nude bike ride? Nude beach? Skinny dipping with friends? Nude resorts? Other?) Would you you like to participate in any such activity?

I grew up pretty nudist, but my marriage was not, so yes, now that I have the choice, I want to try them all!

Question 5: Is there any other kink or fetish you have participated in? Or, any you wish to try or desire? Tell us about it?

Golden showers, shibari, roll play with and without costumes,cross dressing, pegging, food play, DP, MMF, FFM, FF; I am a “breeder” the idea of getting pregnant (yes again!) turns me on, as do so many many other things. As to what I have and have not tried, that’s for me to know and you to imagine.

Extra Credit: If you have any kinks or fetishes, can you tell us your thoughts on where the fetish might stem from? What might be the psychology behind the desire?

Pegging, to be able to fuck a man the way I want to be fucked and hopefully in a way he’d enjoy; to be given the trust and honour of his submission. To have the authority of a Queen over her man.

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