My sex interview: preferences and favorites


Question 1: Describe the physical characteristics you prefer. No lover is likely to be perfect, but describe your ideal lover’s body:

    • Body (height / build / skin tone / hair & eye color / other): short answer: 6’3″/ slim, but sturdy/ sandy blond to red hair, big eyes
    • Genitalia (sizes / characteristics / grooming / other): natural body hair, size isn’t as important as knowing how to use what you got, I have had nubs and schlongs, be confident and knowledgeable in how my vag works and it won’t matter what size. I like foreskin though I haven’t had a lot of experience with it. I prefer a defined mushroom tip over a rocket. My fingers & mouth like to explore ridges and veins along the shaft, so much to appreciate. I like medium to large testicles, not too huge, but big enough to slap me with every thrust.

I can be attracted to any body type but anything skinny and over six two gets my attention real quick.

My physiological “ideal” tends to come from mating purposes. I want a red headed baby/twins if I am going to get pregnant (one last time, from a different baby daddy🙄). This would require said sperm donor to be fair or red hair and freckles, freckles are a must, blue eyes a bonus. I think it might be possible with a black man with freckles, but genetics are so random-ish I know it will be up to fate.

I love hairy chests, and a hard dick should touch the wall before a beer belly, mainly for sexual practicality.

Question 2: Favorite position:

the one I am in the mood for. Usually having my legs up high, just hit the wall and I’ll be happy.

Question 3: Favorite music to make love two? (list up to 3)

Again, mood, primal and rough? Nine Inch Nails. Playful? LMFAO. slow and romantic? Classic oldies or jazz. Wanna make me dance and seduce you? Pop, good stripper music😻

Question 4: Do you prefer lights on or off and why?

If we are having fun, lights on so I know we are connected, if we are deeply making love, lights off and meditative.

Question 5: What is your favorite location to have sex? (bed, chair, couch, floor, shower, car, porch, pool, Jacuzzi, rooftop, etc.) Feel free to list top two if you can’t decide.

My absolute favourite? Anyplace I haven’t. Somewhat public, car, park, elevator? Great for a quicky, very exciting! Out in nature, away from most if not all people? Yes! Bend me over a rock, pin me against a tree, lay me in the sand…

Question 6: What is you favorite place on your body to be touched other than your genitals?

Everywhere. You want to really excite me I better feel both hands rubbin, pulling, pinching, grabbing, anywhere & everywhere. Skin is the largest organ on the body, touch and wake up every inch.

Question 7: Do you prefer that a lover make a lot of noise or that they are silent? (or describe what sounds you prefer they make)

I want to feel my lovers unencumbered passion. If that means they moan deeply and softly or growl like a bear with release, just don’t hold back.

Question 8: What time of day do you prefer?

Morning. I find it hard to have a good day with out proper morning orgasms.

Question 9: Do you prefer it hard or gentle? (granted this may change depending on your mood, bot which do you more often prefer?)

This definitely changes. My preference is all. Wanna start rough? Then end softly. Need the slow and gentle build build up great! Then finish with BANG!

Question 10: How often would you prefer to have sex?

MINIMUM, every three days, after that my moods can get ugly. Best is two or three times a day.


  1. Duncan Lory · March 14

    Amazing answers

    Liked by 1 person

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